Wellness for the Modern Mother

The postpartum period has a loose definition.  Some define it as the 6 weeks following birth, others 3 months. 


These timelines give mothers an unrealistic amount of time for recovery. 


Often, women feel like they need to be back to their pre-baby weight and feeling like themselves within this time frame.  


Did you recover quickly?  Fantastic.  I celebrate you!


This is not to say that every woman needs a long time to heal, or that every woman will go through a difficult transition into motherhood.


This is about celebrating and supporting every mother for what she needs to feel whole and vibrant once more.


My goal is to help every mother feel supported and cared for wherever she is on her journey.


Who are my patients? 

Some women are just starting their families and come to see me when they are interested in optimizing their health before baby, or they have been having fertility issues. 


Other women come to see me during pregnancy for adjunctive prenatal care and to learn how to best prepare for their postpartum healing.


Many women come to see me when their babies are small and they are still in that tender time immediately after birth.  Often we work with breastfeeding challenges, nutrition, pelvic floor therapy and hormone balance.  


Other women wait to come and see me once their babies are toddlers.  They find that their health either hasn't been the same since being pregnant, or new health issues have developed.  I often help these mothers with pelvic pain, balancing their menstrual cycle, fertility for their next baby, fatigue and many others.


Hi!  I'm Dr. Potter

I have been studying and working in nutrition, midwifery and women's health medicine for over 10 years.  After having my own baby I saw a need for more resources to support postpartum women. 

Becoming a mother, whether it's your first or fifth time, is a profound shift in a woman's life that needs to be honored.  It's my joy to create this space where mothers feel understood, encouraged and uplifted.

Favorite book: Love in the Time of Cholera

Biggest joy in motherhood: Seeing my son's face light up when he discovers something new.

Favorite food: It changes with the seasons, right now it's a warm bowl of polenta topped with gruyere cheese.