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You are a miracle worker.

It’s true. You are doing a truly miraculous thing bringing a new life in to this world. It’s incredible that your body took something out of thin air, grew a tiny human and gave it life. You deserve to be celebrated, honored and nurtured.

It doesn’t always feel like that though, does it? Often, instead of pure joy, motherhood brings lots of anxiety, mood swings, body aches and pains. Where is the support now that you need it most?

Meet me!

Your support is right here

As I began my own journey in to motherhood I was astounded at how difficult the birth and healing process can be. I saw that once the baby is born, the support and resources for the mother start to fade away. Assumptions are made that all women will heal and “bounce back” just fine. But what I felt, what I saw and what I heard from other mothers confirmed that wasn’t what was happening.

But it can happen and I am dedicated to making that change.

It’s my dream that all mothers have a postpartum experience where they feel vibrant, grounded and healthy. Instead of feeling worn-out, exhausted and depleted, I strive to help mothers find balanced health so they can tap in to their wild and wonderful selves.

You are here because

  • You want to become pregnant.

  • You are pregnant and you want a postpartum experience where you feel grounded, vibrant and healthy.

  • You have a baby and you know you need extra support from a doctor who knows what you’re going through.

  • You have a toddler and you still feel like your body hasn’t healed since giving birth.

How I can Help

  • If you are pregnant, we work together to create a postpartum prep plan so you can focus more time on snuggling with your baby rather than healing your body.

  • If you are in the postpartum stage then we work together to design a health plan that fits in to your schedule and helps you find the health and balance that you’ve been looking for.

Where to next?

  1. Join my Pregnancy and Postpartum Wellness Facebook Group >>HERE<<. It’s a private, free group and a wonderful place to ask all your questions about health after giving birth.

  2. Ready to work together? Head over HERE.

  3. Want to learn more about yoni steaming? I found it to be a pivotal part of my postpartum healing. You can read more HERE.

  4. Exciting things are over in the shop, you can find them HERE.

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Hi! I’m Dr. Potter

I began my journey in health when I studied nutrition in college. I went through the wonderful program at Bastyr University where we learned both the science of nutrition and the art of cooking.

My degree led me to San Francisco where I joined a catering company. This was not any ordinary catering company. We were cooking for multi-million dollar events for global companies. It was some of the best years of my life.

But I knew I wanted to dive deeper in to the world of medicine so I went back to medical school. I chose a program that allowed me to learn both pharmaceutical and holistic, herbal medicine. I am a naturopathic doctor.

My practice was focused on family health until I gave birth to my first baby. My healing journey during my postpartum time was profound. This led me to focus my practice on supporting mothers from fertility through postpartum.

Thank you for being here, I am honored to share my story and my knowledge with you.

You are a bearer of light and a gem to this world. I am so excited to meet you and start working together!
~Dr. Potter