Custom Steam Consultations

Your lady parts will thank you

Vaginal steaming is a gentle treatment, but it’s also very powerful. It’s important to use the right steaming herb blend and steam for the right amount of time in order to heal your condition.

For example

If you have short periods you won’t want to use the same steaming protocol as someone who has long periods.

Are you pregnant, on your period or have a history of spontaneous vaginal bleeding? Then you don’t want to steam at all!

Some women will need to steam for 30 minutes per session, but for others, steaming for that long will make their symptoms worse.

Work with me and I will tell you exactly what herbs to use, how long and how often to steam.

What does a consultation look like?

Vaginal steam consultations are available via virtual appointments through my HIPAA secure portal. I work with women around the world! You can also meet with me at my office in Portland, Oregon.

First: Fill out the form found below and I will contact you with available appointment times.

Second: I will send you an intake form that you can fill out to tell me more about what’s going on.

Third: We meet through the portal at your appointment time and we chat about your symptoms and I develop your plan. You leave with a custom vaginal steam plan and I will send you an herb blend for your steaming.

What will you get from your steam package?

  • Two consultations with Dr. Potter

  • The first includes a detailed intake of your current problem, your menstrual and pregnancy history. You will walk away with a customized steam plan of how often and how long to steam for. Your herb blend will also be shipped to you so you can start happily steaming!

  • The second consultation will be after you’ve steamed for a few sessions so Dr. Potter can alter your plan and answer any questions you have.

How much do the steam consultation packages cost?



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What it means to work with me via virtual consultations

  • The consultations with me are just that, consultations, I cannot be your doctor. What I CAN be is the person who gives you a fantastic treatment plan to help boost and optimize your fertility.

  • I cannot diagnose or order labs for you. What I CAN do is give you recommendations of labs to take to your PCP to order. You can forward me the results and we can discuss the results.