Postpartum Physical Therapy


Any mother can benefit

Imagine that you have just run a marathon. What would you do afterwards to care for your body? Maybe you would get a massage, maybe you would go see a physical therapist or a chiropractor.

Going through birth is like a marathon for your vaginal muscles and they also need care after the big event. Pelvic floor therapy is exactly what they need.

Even if you had a c-section, you will benefit from pelvic floor therapy. Your pelvic floor did most of the work holding up your baby during pregnancy. It deserves some support!

what does pelvic floor therapy do for me?

  • Heals urinary incontinence

  • Helps heal painful sex

  • Helps reduce the risk of organ prolapse later in life

  • Already have organ prolapse from birth? You definitely need this therapy!

  • Helps with low libido



What is holistic pelvic care?

I learned a particular type of pelvic floor therapy called holistic pelvic care (HPC). HPC was developed by physical therapist, Tami Kent. She is a revolutionary thinker in women’s health. The work of HPC connects the emotional body with the physical body.

When you have a session, your physical muscles are getting the physical therapy but we also explore what emotions may be connected to your healing process. This is particularly important for mothers because birth trauma, emotional or physical, can greatly affect how a woman heals.