Postpartum Care Plan

You can have a postpartum time filled with joy, excitement, and happiness and while maintaining a healthy mind and body.

I will show you how.


You are in the right place if…

  • You are pregnant. You may be in your first trimester, your second or your third.

  • You are having your first baby, your third baby or your tenth baby or any baby in between!

  • You want to have a postpartum time that feels genuine to who you are, and avoid common anxieties, overwhelm and body ailments.

Other moms will tell you why you need A POSTPARTUM CARE PLAN

It’s common for moms to concentrate on the birth while they are pregnant. Here is what moms say the wished they had known and planned for while being pregnant:

“I knew nothing outside of what I learned from one breastfeeding workshop. I was blindsided by everything else.”

“[if I had known about how postpartum would be] I wouldn’t have been so ashamed of how I felt and started the healing process sooner.”

“I would have gotten help wayyy sooner. I was a mess.”

“People didn’t want to talk about it because they thought it would scare me. But knowing would have made it so much better.”

“Knowing how hard the hormone shifts are after birth, it’s insane.”

You’re pregnant, congratulations!

You are incredibly excited to meet your new baby, and also a little apprehensive about how this is going to change your life. You think about the birth all the time. Can I really do this? How is it going to feel? Will I be able to handle the pain?

You go to a birthing class, read lots of birthing books and talk with your practitioner about how to best prepare you for the birth.

Once you have your baby in your arms, you go home and start your new life together. That’s when the sleepless nights and the overwhelm begins. Let alone healing your own body. Does every woman feel this way? How come I feel like my body is falling apart? I am so tired, how do I start my own healing process?

Postpartum care plan

Planning for postpartum should be at the forefront of prenatal care

The immediate postpartum days are the most unique days of your entire life. You’re getting to know your new baby, you are not sleeping well, you have significant hormonal shifts. You deserve to have the best tools on your side to go through the postpartum time feeling grounded and rejuvenated.

My postpartum care plans give you a guide to help you do just that. The hormone shifts, the sleep deprivation and the physical healing are nothing to be afraid of. But they are something that require thoughtful planning in order to navigate the postpartum time smoothly.