Optimize Fertility Package


What you get

  • 3 visits with me. One 60 minute visit and two 30 minute visits.

  • A comprehensive intake where we go over your health history, your reproductive history, your fertility journey and what your goals are.

  • A customized treatment plan for you to start right away.

What appointments look like

  • Are you in Portland, Oregon? Great, we can meet at my office.

  • Are you out of the Portland area? Great, we will meet on video through my HIPAA-compliant EHR.*

  • Your first appointment is 60 minutes and you will do most of the talking. The focus of this visit is so I can learn more about you. You will also get a treatment plan at the end of this visit.

  • Your follow-up appointments will be spent checking-in to see how the treatment plan is going and working on adding to and tweaking your plan so it’s just right for you.

What does the package cost?

  • $524 for your 3 visits with me - that’s 2 whole hours that you get with me! One 60-minute appointment and two 30-minute appointments.

  • What if we need to work more after the 3 visits are over? After the three appointments you can sign up for follow-ups one by one. Follow-up appointments are 30 minutes and are $150. During your last appointment of the package, we will discuss steps moving forward and I will make recommendations on if and when to make another appointment.

Great! Let’s get started!

Fill out this form and I will get back to you with available appointment times and next steps.

I am looking forward to helping you on your journey to motherhood!

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Please let me know if you require certain days or times for appointments, I will try my best to make it happen.

*What it means to work with me via virtual consultations

  • The consultations with me are just that, consultations, I cannot be your doctor. What I CAN be is the person who gives you a fantastic treatment plan to help boost and optimize your fertility.

  • I cannot diagnose or order labs for you. What I CAN do is give you recommendations of labs to take to your PCP to order. You can forward me the results and we can discuss the results.