You've chosen to breastfeed, what a wonderful way to bond with your baby.  While breastfeeding is a natural process, it can take some time to plan for and get used to.  We can help you get there!


Breastfeeding prep during pregnancy

It's easy to think that breastfeeding will come naturally.  Women often find it to be trickier than expected.  One of the best ways to avoid this is to meet with a lactation consultant before you've given birth! 

Ashley has years of experience guiding mamas through their breastfeeding transitions and she has lots of tools and tricks to help you prepare for the most successful breastfeeding relationship you can have with your baby.


Lactation support with baby

Has breastfeeding been more difficult than you thought?  Are you worried about tongue-tie or if your baby is getting enough milk?  Have you been told there's an issue with feeding but you haven't gotten the right answers yet?  Are you worried that your milk supply is too little or too much?

Ashley works one-on-one with families in the office and in their homes to help breastfeeding issues get resolved smoothly.  Her years of experience have led her to a place where she can spot the problems easily and help get you on a positive plan forward.


breastfeeding and going back to work

Are you getting ready to go back to work and prepping to pump while at work?  Do you want to continue breastfeeding your baby even as you transition back in to work?  

Learn simple ways to prepare for the easiest transition in to the work and breastfeeding relationship.  

Let's get you breastfeeding, mama

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