Motherhood Insight with Tess Scholl

By Angela Potter


Tess is a mom to twin boys and has a huge heart for supporting postpartum women and their families.  


Where do you call home?


This is a good question. Right now I call Portland, Oregon my home. That said, there will always be a part of me that calls Australia home;  it is my roots, my foundation, the place of my happy childhood memories. 


How many kids do you have?


I have three-year-old twin boys. 


What was one of the hardest changes for you physically during your postpartum journey?


The feeling of utter delusion. The overwhelming sleep deprivation that was my reality was indescribable. There were weeks maybe months (when you are delusional there’s no concept of time!) where I slept in 45 minute chunks.  


What was one of the hardest changes for you mentally/emotionally during your postpartum journey?


When I had my tiny boys a freight train called ‘You can’t produce enough milk’ hit me and blindsided me with a force of defeat and sadness that I truly did not expect. No one told me this might be an issue and I was devastated.


On the other hand, I was overcome with joy and appreciation that I was able to source breastmilk from other women near and far to nourish my boys. I like to think they got super powers from all of the different mother’s milk they received for 18 months. Women are amazing. 


What surprised you most about the postpartum time?


How much resilience I had even when I was not getting sleep, I was flooded with emotions and overwhelmed at life. 


What has been your greatest joy in motherhood?


Watching the relationship my boys have for one another grow and blossom is so special. Seeing how truly kind, curious and loving my boys are and knowing I have a pivotal role in that outcome.


What is one resource that felt invaluable to you during the postpartum time?


Without a doubt it has been finding my village. A group of women that supports, thrives and creates together. We hold each other up in all of the easy and challenging times of motherhood and family life. 


What is one piece of advice you would like give to pregnant moms in preparation for their postpartum journey?


Find your village sooner rather than later, even if it means diving head first into uncertainty. Remember there is all kinds of amazing inside of you, just take a look and believe in you! 


About Tess


I was born and raised on the East coast of Australia wild and free. I was birthed (along with my twin sister) in a banana packing shed to wonderful, supportive and loving hippy-era parents. I crossed the ocean to the U S of A for new and exciting adventures that led me to my now husband, Portland and the birth of identical twin boys (now 3).   I started a business called 4th Wishes to help support families in the transition to welcoming their babies home.  The idea for the business was inspired by my village and lead by my passion to support others.