How Soon To Start Pelvic Floor Therapy

By Dr. Angela Potter

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Now that you know more about the importance of pelvic floor therapy and why you want to set up a few appointments after birth, lets talk about when to start those appointments.


What's the best time to start getting pelvic floor therapy after giving birth?


The earliest time to start pelvic floor therapy is 6 weeks postpartum.  At this time you will know if your urinary incontinence is continuing a bit longer than you thought or if your pelvis is feeling painful or not.


Even if you aren't experiencing any of those pesky symptoms, you still want to book a pelvic floor therapy session.  It's an important part of your postpartum recuperation and will benefit you for years to come.


Ask your doctor at one of your postpartum visits to get the clear go-ahead.  Your vaginal discharge and bleeding should also be mostly cleared before you start pelvic floor therapy.