10 Fun Self-Care Ideas For Mamas

By Angela Potter

When you become a mother, you have to shift your perspective around self care.  Traditional ways of doing self care don't fit into your schedule very easily, especially when you have a newborn.


Here are 10 fun self care ideas for mamas.  Remember, the small things count!


1. Make yourself a warm cup of tea


2. Pick a different neighborhood everyday to go walk around while your baby sleeps in the stroller


3. Paint your fingernails


4. Light a candle in the evening


5. Have (at least!) one outfit that makes you feel wonderful


6. Take a shower everyday 


7. Keep fresh flowers on your windowsill


8. Hide some really good dark chocolate so only you know where it is.  And indulge once in awhile!


9. Buy a comfy pair of fuzzy, warm socks to wear at home


10. Get fresh air at least once a day