Prenatal Vitamins: Not Just For Pregnancy?

By Dr. Angela Potter


Prenatal vitamins are important for women who are pregnant.  But I believe calling them prenatal vitamins is a misnomer.  Often, prenatal vitamins aren't suggested to women until they get pregnant which can lead to problems.


Why is this a problem?


Because one of the most important nutrients found in the prenatal vitamin, folate, is necessary for the first developments of the baby.  And these important developments (the neural tube for you science-buffs), needs folate within the first few weeks of conception which is usually before the mama knows she's pregnant!


What's the ideal amount of time to take a prenatal vitamin?


About 6 months before trying to conceive all the way up to when you stop breastfeeding your baby. 


Do you want multiple children? 


Keep taking that prenatal through all your pregnancies until your youngest baby is done breastfeeding.


Prenatal vitamins aren't only important for those first few weeks of development, they also give the mama vital nutrients for recuperation after birth which will benefit her for the rest of her life.