My Postpartum Journey, part I

I felt like I had been run over by a truck. My new baby was in my arms but this was nothing like the idyllic postpartum time I had expected. My beautiful pregnant belly was now just a big belly and no clothes fit. I felt like my pelvic floor was falling out and I couldn’t walk up or down the stairs for the first month after giving birth. The enormity of becoming a mother hit me hard. I loved this little being with all my heart and soul but I felt as though I had just walked through a door in to a different life and wasn’t sure where to begin managing it.

Prior to giving birth I thought that postpartum depression was the most significant health concern to watch out for. I had a healthy pregnancy, I had put meals in the freezer and my husband was taking some time off. This should be easy, right?

Somehow I had missed the memo on how foreign your body would feel after giving birth. I was completely unprepared for how long it would take my body to heal physically. I was a doctor and I felt unsure of how to even start the healing process.

Thankfully, I had a team of wellness practitioners that helped piece my body and health back together. But it took months for me to feel like I mentally had any grasp on motherhood and even longer to feel like my body was starting to function and feel “normal” again. Little did I know that this terrible postpartum experience would be the beginning of a huge exploration in to the culture and care for postpartum mamas which is exactly why I’m talking to you today.

As I went through that healing journey I had this nagging feeling in my mind that there must be something more. More support and more care for postpartum mamas. I knew that somewhere, someone knew wildly wonderful ways that would sweep the mother into a healing cocoon to help her transition, adjust and heal after birth.

The following two years after my first baby’s birth were spent finding just that. As I researched, the most wonderful healing practices, traditions and support opened up before me. I spent time reading about what herbal medicines were perfect to help the new mother feel replenished and rejuvenated. I read about nutrition plans that were meant specifically to help a mama heal after birth. I paired all that with my medical knowledge of how to prevent birth tears, incontinence and other physical ailments that mothers experience.

I took all this information and I developed my own postpartum healing plan. A rejuvenation plan of sorts. It wasn’t a healing plan where I would have the tools on hand to heal my body once something happened. It was a proactive healing plan. It was all about avoiding common postpartum ailments all the while helping me feel rejuvenated and vibrant after giving birth.

Two years after having my first baby, I had my second and I put that rejuvenation plan in to place. Want to know what happened? Head on over HERE to read it!

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