A Surprising Way To Detox For New Mothers

By Angela Potter


Giving birth is an incredibly special time.  You have just been the portal for a soul to enter in to the world.  That is no small feat and your own recuperation after birth needs to be well-tended to.  There is one act of self-care in those early days of motherhood that often goes overlooked.


That act of self-care is to do a digital detox. 


Consider signing off of your phone and computer for as long as feels comfortable to you.  Maybe it's a few days, maybe a week, or perhaps a full month.  


If doing a full digital detox is not an option for you, consider these two areas:


1.  Social media


Many social media accounts focus on portraying only the perfect moments.  You are bound to see photos of mothers and families who look like they have it all together.  When you're in that sweet newborn stage with your baby it is also full of a lot of sleepless nights, tears and emotions.  The last thing you need is to compare yourself with other families.


2.  The news


Your number one focus once you've given birth is to care for your newborn and for yourself.  The transition of welcoming a new person in to your family can often be overwhelming.  While staying up to date on current events is important, it may be an added source of stress for you.  Consider asking your partner or a friend to share news with you that is of upmost importance, but to update you on other events once you're ready.