Breastfeeding As Contraception: Fact Or Fiction?

By Angela Potter

Fact!  Breastfeeding your baby can be an effective form of birth control.  Breastfeeding as contraception is helpful in the early postpartum months but must be used wisely and within some guidelines.


Here are the guidelines to use breastfeeding as contraception:


1.  Your baby is exclusively breastfed, no solid foods or formula.


2. Your baby is 6 months or younger


3. You are breastfeeding your baby every 4 hours a day and 6 hours at night.


If your period starts even while you are following these guidelines, you will need to switch to a different form of birth control.


I also like to remind people that all forms of birth control come with a small chance of pregnancy.  The only way to truly avoid pregnancy is surgical removal of reproductive organs or abstinence.