Motherhood Insight with Beth Koroleski

By Angela Potter

Beth and I met through prenatal yoga and it's been so wonderful to get to know each other more as our babies grow up.  Joining a class during pregnancy is a great way to meet friends.  Beth and I are proof of that!  


Where do you call home? 


Currently, I call Portland, OR "home".  I'm a native New Yorker, so you may catch me referring to NY as "home", as well.


How many kids do you have? 


I have one child, a son, whose name is Bear.


What was one of the hardest changes for you physically during your postpartum journey? 


One of the most difficult changes for me physically during my postpartum journey was getting to know my body post-cesarean.  Coming to terms with my scar and the way my pelvic region feels now that I've had surgery has been a challenge in some regards. 


Sometimes, the area around my scar feels extra sensitive, to the point where feeling loose fabric against it is very uncomfortable.  Learning how to deal with those sensations has taken some getting used to, but as time passes and I get to know the area again as it is, I have begun to feel more at home with touching and looking at where the incision was made.


What was one of the hardest changes for you mentally/emotionally during your postpartum journey? 


One of the most difficult changes for me mentally/emotionally has been the overwhelm that comes with being a new mother.  Not having any family close by, and a partner who has an opposite work schedule is exhausting.  We are fortunate to have a few friends we can call on when we need a break that will babysit for us (and not break the bank), but not having some family nearby to lean on has been hard. 


I work full time, and the days when my partner is not at home with me in the evenings can be tough.  By the time we complete all of our daily tasks, shower for me, bath for him, dinner for us both, it's time for bed (if I can get him to sleep!) and it's rare that I have any time left over for myself.  I give huge props to all the single parents out there.


What has been your greatest joy in motherhood? 


My greatest joy in motherhood has to be the limitless love that comes with having a child.  There is no end and no beginning to the love that I have for my son, and I would without thought, give my life for his.  I feel as if I've always known him, and seeing him smile feels me with such joy, that I cannot put it into words on paper.


What is one resource that felt invaluable to you during the postpartum time? 


I didn't use many resources postpartum, although I will highly recommend c-panties for all the cesarean mommas out there.  They were very comforting in a time when my body felt very foreign to me.


What is one piece of advice you would like give to pregnant moms in preparation for their postpartum journey? 


My one piece of advice to the moms to be out there is to take it one day at a time.  I think it can be very easy to get overwhelmed when you start worrying about the future, so enjoy each day as it comes, embrace the challenges you face with fierceness, and remember how strong you truly are.


About Beth


Beth Koroleski is a native New Yorker who relocated to the Pacific Northwest 8 years ago.  She lives in Portland, OR with her partner, Beau and their son, Bear, 13 months, their Chocolate Lab, Etta, and their Calico Cat, Coco.  She received her Bachelor's Degree from Stony Brook University in 2003 and is also a 2008 graduate of the Chef's Training program of the Natural Gourmet Institute for Health and Culinary Arts in NY, NY.  By day she works full time as Financial Aid and Loan Counselor extraordinaire for Portland State University, and by night, she tends to her flock while finding time for her true passions, food, health and wellness, yoga and dance.