Motherhood Insight with Alana Little

By Dr. Angela Potter

Alana is a stay at home mom to two wonderful girls and shares with us how drastically different the postpartum experience with each baby can be.


Where do you call home?

Cornelius, OR


How many kids do you have?

2 girls- Livi is 2 and Blake is 2 months 


What was one of the hardest changes for you physically during your postpartum journey?

My postpartum journey has been so different for me physically through both pregnancies! After my first daughter in 2015 I felt I "bounced back" immediately. My body recovered well and I had no issues.


The second time, I have had so many more aches and pains that have lingered. It's been hard trying to find the balance between what I actually can do and what I want to do. It was hard to tell myself to not pick up my toddler and play with her the way we used to. 



What was one of the hardest changes for you mentally/emotionally during your postpartum journey?

The mental and emotional journey has been a huge struggle for me this go around. I am currently in the midst of postpartum depression and some days are much worse than others. I feel like I need to be superwoman for my two little girls and often forget to refill my own cup so that I can function.


What has been your greatest joy in motherhood?

My greatest joy in motherhood is watching my beautiful girls grow. In Livi's two years she has become such a character. She gives me purpose and life. Seeing her eyes light up with joy every morning brings light to every day. And Blake, oh my sweet Blake. She is so opposite of her sister and watching her grow just brings me happiness. 


How was your postpartum experience different with each baby?

The first postpartum experience after Livi was so easy. My body recovered well and emotionally I was okay. This time around my body has had a harder time and emotionally has been very rough for me. I have dealt with mental illness the majority of my adult life, but for some reason PPD made me feel like a failure. Now that I am moving past the diagnosis I don't feel like a failure, but it was very tough at first. 




What is one resource that felt invaluable to you during the postpartum time?

My doctors were beyond wonderful to me, from the newborn doctor at our pediatricians office to my OB-gyn.  I felt so supported and empowered to make the decisions that were right for me and my family. 


What is one piece of advice you would like to give to pregnant moms in preparation for their postpartum journey?

Raising children is not an easy task and when you first leave the hospital it is overwhelming, but you will survive and it does get better. Find your tribe of moms and don't be afraid to ask for help. 


About Alana

My name is Alana and I am a wife to my husband Richard plus momma to two beautiful girls, Livi and Blake. I am a stay at home mom who sells LuLaRoe on the side and has an addiction to essential oils!