5 Surprising Ways to Help Weight Loss After Birth Without Going on a Diet

Weight loss after birth, what a big topic and it’s on the minds of so many women. Having had two babies in under three years I completely understand! Weight loss after birth is a fun topic for me to talk about because I have been a nutritionist for 10 years and it’s my goal to help shift thoughts about what weight loss looks like.

As you read this article, my intention is to help you form some different habits around eating that help with natural weight loss, rather than focus on certain diets or restrictive ways of eating. Enjoy!

  1. Don’t diet

    This may sound funny but I promise you this is not a typo! When restrictive diets are the focus of weight loss, this puts a lot of extra stress on the body. When the body is in a state of stress then it actually holds on to more weight. Moms with young babies need to take stress out of their lives, not add more in!

  2. Eat high calorie foods

    Your body needs calories to help recuperate after birth, replenish nutrients lost during pregnancy and birth and also to help your brain function! When your body has the proper amount of calories, it can function much better. When calories are reduced, that puts extra stress on the body which causes the body to hold on to extra weight.

  3. Focus on nutrient-dense foods

    Pregnancy and birth are very demanding times on the body and replacing nutrients is important for your well-being most importantly, but also for your body to be able to function as it needs to. When your body is functioning as it needs to, this will help with natural weight loss. Bonus, there are lots of nutrient-dense AND calorie-rich foods like butter, avocado, nuts, meats, and eggs.

  4. Deep breathing

    Here are two different situations of a dinner. One is that food is grabbed on the go, eaten on the car while in rush hour. The second is set in a romantic restaurant with low-lighting and soft music playing. Which of these situations do you think your body will digest and absorb nutrients the best?

    Yup, you’ve got it, the romantic restaurant. Now you’re a mom with a young baby, of course you are going to be eating food on the go or one-handed as your baby is sleeping on your lap. The takeaway is mindfulness. Try taking a few deep breaths before eating your next snack or meal. That small, simple switch helps turn your digestive fire up and get ready to digest the food that you’re eating.

  5. Improve digestion

    When the body isn’t digesting well, that leads to bloating and the body also won’t be absorbing proper nutrients and can lead to trouble losing weight. Improving digestion with things like probiotics, eating digestive-enhancing spices like ginger and cinnamon are a great way to boost digestion to help the body naturally lose weight.

weight loss after birth

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