5 Key Benefits of Postpartum Yoni Steaming

Yoni steaming has a huge variety of benefits for postpartum women. This Wednesday June 12th I am hosting a free webinar all about postpartum steaming. Join here! Here are five ways that your body is telling you to start steaming!

  1. Urinary incontinence

    Steaming is a great way to help with muscle tone and to support muscles going back in to place after birth. I frequently recommend steaming and pelvic floor therapy for a well-rounded treatment for incontinence.

  2. Organ prolapse

    Prolapse feels like a heaviness or fullness in your lower belly. It’s common for women who have recently given birth. The pressure of the steam helps move organs back in to their original position. Like incontinence, I frequently have women do steaming and pelvic floor therapy together to help treat prolapse.

  3. Vaginal dryness

    The warmth of the steam helps increase circulation to the pelvis, which in turn improves dryness.

  4. Irregular cycles or cramping

    Steaming is a wonderful therapy to help support your menstrual cycles once your period is back. In fact, you can use steaming to regulate hormones before you even start your postpartum period.

  5. If you’ve given birth

    This isn’t a sign as much as it is a reminder that all moms who have given birth will benefit from steaming. It’s used around the world as a therapy to help postpartum healing and it works wonders.

Did you LOVE this information? Great! Head on over HERE to sign up for the FREE Postpartum Yoni Steam Webinar happening on Wednesday. See you there!

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