5 Interesting Signs You Need Pelvic Floor Therapy

Pelvic floor therapy is one of the best things you can do for yourself and your healing after giving birth. It makes sense, your pelvic muscles have gone through an incredible amount of work throughout pregnancy and birth, they deserve some proper recuperation with physical therapy.

Here are 5 ways your body is telling you to get pelvic floor therapy:

  1. Pelvic pain

    Pelvic pain is common after giving birth and there is hope. Even though birth is natural and women have been doing it for centuries, your pelvic muscles still need recuperation to feel normal again. Pelvic muscles can get trigger points, become too loose, or too tight during pregnancy and birth. Pelvic floor therapy will help tone the muscles and heal pelvic pain.

  2. Urinary Incontinence

    How often have you heard a mom say, “I can never jump on a trampoline again, I will pee my pants!” Yes, incontinence is common but it is treatable. All the pressure on the pelvis during pregnancy and birth can frequently cause incontinence. Pelvic floor therapy will strengthen your muscles to treat incontinence.

    Kegels are frequently thought of as the best exercise to prevent and treat incontinence. This is untrue. Sometimes women experience incontinence because the pelvic muscles are too tight. If that is the case, doing kegels will actually make the issue worse. Be sure to get an evaluation from a pelvic floor PT before doing kegels.

  3. Pain with Intercourse

    More women struggle with this than you know! Pelvic muscles (just like any other muscle in your body) can get trigger points, have tender spots and get knots. Pelvic floor physical therapy is exactly what you need to help tone the muscles and reduce pain.

  4. Organ Prolapse

    With all the pressure from holding baby up during pregnancy, plus the pushing during birth can contribute to postpartum organ prolapse. Pelvic floor therapy helps tone and strengthen the muscles so organs move back into proper place and position.

  5. If you’ve given birth

    Alright so this isn’t really a sign, but I want to emphasize the importance of pelvic floor therapy! All women who have given birth, regardless of if they’ve had a c-section or vaginal birth, should get pelvic floor therapy. Even if you aren’t experiencing any pelvic symptoms, pelvic floor therapy is important to keep your muscles toned to prevent future issues.

Pelvic floor therapy

Are you in the Portland, Oregon area and are you ready to get pelvic floor physical therapy? Come talk to me. I offer pelvic floor therapy appointments in my office and I would love to help you on your healing journey. Find out more HERE.