5 Essentials to Include in Your Postpartum Plan

Having a postpartum plan is vital to your health and healing after birth. Head over HERE to learn more about the importance of a postpartum plan.

So now you’re ready to get your postpartum plan going, but what do you actually need to have in it? I’ve got you covered! Here are 5 essentials to have in your postpartum plan so you can heal optimally and smoothly after birth.

  1. Support system

    Think of the people who will be with you the most during your postpartum time. Consider your partner, family or close friends. Talk with them about your expectations during postpartum and outline exactly how they can help you.

  2. Rest

    Your body has just gone through the most amazing and physically-demanding event it may ever go through. After birth, your body is healing a dinner-plate sized wound in your uterus. Your body and mind need lots of rest to help you recover.

    While you are pregnant you can think about how long is realistic to rest. Ideally you will have 4-6 weeks of rest, but less or more is all okay. Whatever you’ve chosen, talk about what you’ve decided with your support system above.

  3. Nourishing Food

    Food is the foundation of healing and recovery for moms. While you are pregnant, stock up on freezer-friendly foods that you can eat easily once baby is here. Write down a list of meals that you enjoy and are easy to make. Keep that list somewhere you can see so you don’t have to think about meal planning once baby is here. Make a list of snacks and finger foods that you enjoy and that are easy to eat so you have snack ideas.

  4. Plan for pelvic healing

    Regardless of if you’ve had a c-section or a vaginal birth, your pelvis will be going through a lot of healing. Yoni steaming is an incredible way to help reduce tenderness, swelling and water retention after birth. It’s done around the world in many cultures to help moms heal after birth. If you want to learn more about yoni steaming, head over HERE.

    Sitz baths, padsicles and perineum herbal sprays are also wonderful ways to help your pelvis heal after birth.

    As you are making your postpartum healing plan, write out what forms of pelvic healing therapies you will use, buy your herbs or your healing sprays so they are ready for you once baby is here.

  5. Joy reminders

    In those early days postpartum you will be exhausted, likely overwhelmed and going through the baby blues. While you are pregnant, write down things that bring you joy. Write them on sticky notes or paper and put them in places that you will see often once baby is here to remind you of small, simple things that bring you joy.

Postpartum plan

Hi, I’m Dr. Potter and I help women feel vibrant and healthy during their motherhood journey.

It was after the birth of my first baby when I became passionate about helping other moms. I was blown away by how hard it was to heal after that birth. That led me to research all different ways to help a new mom heal holistically after birth. I put together a plan that helped me through my second postpartum time.

Now it’s my passion to help you heal optimally after birth. Want to learn more about making a postpartum plan with me? Head HERE.