5 Beautiful Reasons to Write Down Your Birth Story

Writing down your birth story can be incredibly therapeutic. I frequently recommend it to my patients. Here are a few reasons why you should write it down too.

  1. Helps to get closure on the birth process

    If you are constantly thinking through the birth process and wondering why certain things went as they did, it can feel very good to write down the story.

  2. Helps you process what happened

    It’s more common than not to have a birth story that goes not as planned. Writing down even the smallest details can help you process through the big event.

  3. It can help you work through parts that you didn’t like

    Birth is a sacred time and if it didn’t go as planned, you may be holding on to grief or frustration. Writing down the story can help you move through that. It may also remind you to ask your partner or birth provider about parts of the birth that you have questions about.

  4. You can share the story with your baby as they get older

    Even as your baby is small, read the story aloud to them. And as they get older they can read this story that is so special to you and them.

  5. It can help you prepare for your next birth

    If and when you are preparing for your next birth, you can reflect back on your previous birth. This can help you make decisions about what you do or don’t want, who you want at the birth, and what type of interventions you agree to.

Birth story

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