4 Simple Ways to Make a Postpartum Healing Plan Successful

Once baby is here, you will have a lot on your plate to think about. All of a sudden you have a baby who is relying on you for 100% of their needs. Plus you are working on healing your own body. In this time of transition and sleep deprivation, how do you make a postpartum healing plan actually go as planned?

Here are 4 simple tips to help you!

  1. Write everything down

    It’s surprising how easy it is to forget things when you’re sleep deprived! Having everything written down makes it much more simple. Write down what foods you love, what healing therapies you will be using like yoni steaming. Write down who your support system is. This sounds simple while you are still pregnant, but you will thank yourself once baby is here.

  2. Make lists

    You’ve written everything down like we talked about above. Now make a lists and put them around your house. That list of foods you love? Put it on your fridge. The list of medicinal teas? Put it on your pantry door. The yoni steaming plan? Put it on your bathroom mirror. That list of who your support system is? Put it next to your bed so you always see it. You want to have these daily reminders surrounding you so it’s easier to continue doing all these beneficial healing therapies.

  3. Talk with your support system

    Once you’ve decided on a healing plan that feels really good and nourishing to you, talk with those people who will be around you the most in the postpartum time. Your partner, family or friends who are staying for extended periods of time. Let them know specific ways they can help you keep going on your healing plan. Maybe they can help cook food. Maybe they can be with the baby at certain times of the day so you can yoni steam, take an herbal bath or sleep. It’s easier for people to help you if they know what your expectations are and specific ways they can help.

  4. Make sure everything is easily accessible

    Once you’ve gathered all your supplies, keep them in a place where you can see. Keep your herbal teas on your kitchen counter, your yoni steam chair in your bedroom, and your herbal bath blend on your bathroom counter. If you see them regularly, you will remember to do these incredibly nurturing things for your healing body.

Your postpartum healing plan will give you so many benefits in the long run. Your health and well-being are absolutely deserving of the time and effort you put in during these early postpartum days.

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