4 Nourishing Foods to Include in Your Postpartum Diet Plan

Nourishing food is the cornerstone of postpartum healing and recovery. Let’s talk about four important and nutritious foods to have in your postpartum diet plan.

  1. Stews

    Stews are a wonderful food for new moms. They are easy to make and an easy way to add a variety of nutritious vegetables, grains and meats for the healing mom! You can put all the ingredients in to a slow cooker, turn it on and have a delicious meal a few hours later with very little prep. The long, slow-cooking method makes the meats and vegetables much easier to digest which is important for a mom healing after birth.

  2. Oatmeal

    Oats are a wonderful addition to a postpartum diet plan because they are a dense form of fiber, help relax the nervous system (aka, reduce anxiety!) and usually the whole family loves them! You can cook a big pot ahead of time and heat up individual bowls throughout the week.

  3. Nettle tea

    Nettle is a wonderful herb for new mothers, it’s safe for breastfeeding and is often used to help boost breastmilk production. It’s a very nutrient-dense herb that can help replenish the mom after birth. I include it in this list because it’s an easy way to get added minerals if it’s hard to get lots of vegetables in to your diet while taking care of a newborn.

  4. Roasted vegetables

    Roasted vegetables are a delicious way to get lots of nutrients in. They are easy to make, you can use vegetables like sweet potatoes, beets, and carrots. The roasting process also makes them fairly sweet which make them great for the whole family!

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Postpartum diet plan

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