4 Mind-Blowing Reasons to Re-Think Your Job After Giving Birth

When I was pregnant with my first baby, a few women who already had kids told me that I may be excited about going back to work after he was born. Once he was here and I was getting ready to start working again, excitement was the last thing on my mind. My body needed so much more healing and I was not ready emotionally to be away from my baby.

I have talked with many women who love going back to work and it feels fulfilling and good to them. In fact, I felt that way after the birth of my second! But if you are feeling like I did after the birth of my first and going back to work brings a lot of anxiety, I want you to know that you aren’t alone and this is an important time in your life to radically consider changing your job if it means better health and stability for you and your family.

Of course, financial concerns are important so keep reading till the end and I will share some suggestions for how to continue working, but in a way that feels more sustainable to you and your family!

Four reasons to re-think your job after baby:

  1. This is the only time your baby will be…a baby.

    If you are anxious about not spending enough time with your baby, listen to what your body is telling you. Your baby is only going to be this small once.

  2. Your mental health is top-priority

    If going back to work is already bringing you lots of anxiety, it may only increase once you are back working. You are still in a tender transition time yourself and it’s important to structure your life in a way that reduces anxiety instead of increasing it.

  3. You’ve done lots of hard work during pregnancy and birth, you deserve a rest

    Heck, not even just during pregnancy and birth, you are probably still not sleeping through the night and breastfeeding or pumping multiple times a day which is a full-time job in of itself! It’s no surprise that you are exhausted and stressed just thinking about going back to work. As you continue to heal after birth, you deserve rest!

  4. The more care you give yourself in the short-term, the better you will feel in the long-term

    Most women I talk to say that healing after birth takes much longer than they expect. As your body is actively healing, allow yourself extra time, space and rest to help that process. I will say it again, the more care you can give yourself in the short-term, the better you will feel in the long-term.

Finances. They are incredibly important. Especially if you have just added a new member to the family, I get it! I’m not saying that you need to quit your job (although if you have the means, go ahead and do it!), I’m saying to get creative with your income-stream so you can give yourself extra time and space. Here are some suggestions for you.

  1. Work part-time, if even for a few months or a year. That may be plenty of time for you to focus on healing and get your body and mind back to a place where you are ready to work full-time.

  2. Work from home. There are a lot of creative types of jobs that allow you to work from home like editing, ghost-writing, IT support, virtual assistant.

  3. Bring your baby to work. Ask your boss if that is a possibility for a few months just to help ease the transition.

  4. Work with a mom-owned business. Search for mom-owned businesses in your area or ask your friends if they know of one. If a fellow mom owns the business, she may have a flexible spot open for you or allow you to bring baby with you.

Have any other tips that worked for you and your family? Let me know in the comments!

Going back to work after having a baby

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