4 Important Things to do During Pregnancy to Help Prevent PPD

Planning for the postpartum time is one of the most important things you can do for yourself during pregnancy. One way that can benefit your mind and body once baby is here? In helping prevent postpartum depression. Here are four things you can do during pregnancy to help keep your mood stable after giving birth.

  1. Know your support system

    It’s helpful to write down lists so once baby is here and you are exhausted, you have this list of helpful people that you can count on already written down.

    Write down names of friends that you know you can call day or night. Also write down the names of your healthcare practitioners who can help you with healing and recovery. Think about your birth provider, massage therapist, counselor, acupuncturist, chiropractor, and doctors like me who specialize in helping moms heal after birth.

  2. Make meals and put them in the freezer

    It is often more difficult than you think to make meals while taking care of a newborn. It’s also important to your own healing and recovery to eat nourishing foods. Having pre-prepared foods in the freezer are a life-saver when you are exhausted and hungry and need some food fast.

  3. Talk with your partner about your expectations during the postpartum time

    Partners want to be helpful, but often they don’t know exactly what you need or what you are going through. To help prevent arguments and misunderstandings, talk with your partner about how much rest you would like to get, what your needs may be and how they can help around the house to make things easier.

  4. Replenish lost nutrients

    The birth process is a huge event for the body. Replacing lost nutrients after giving birth is important to help balance mood. This is why making meals ahead of time is important so you can be sure you are eating nourishing foods. Think about foods high in iron, vitamin B12 and protein like meats, eggs and green vegetables.

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