3 Important Ways to Boost Fertility After Having a Baby

You have a baby and you’re trying to get pregnant with your second (or third, or fourth!) but it’s harder than you thought to get pregnant this time. This can be heartbreaking, and it’s more common than you think.

Here are 3 important ways to help optimize your fertility for another baby.

  1. Nutrient deficiencies

    You’ve already been pregnant and have grown a baby. A lot of your nutrient reserves went in to growing that baby. Make sure to replenish yourself with very nutrient-dense foods.

    You can also be tested for basic nutrient deficiencies like B12, iron, folate and fatty acids which are all very important for making a baby.

  2. Thyroid hormones

    Thyroid hormones directly talk with your ovaries and help with ovulation. When optimizing your fertility, getting a full thyroid panel ordered is important. This includes TSH, free T3, free T4, and thyroid antibodies.

  3. Progesterone

    Progesterone is a hormone that helps with ovulation and with growing the baby in the early days after conception. Once the baby is conceived, the mom will start rapidly making more progesterone. If the mom doesn’t have enough progesterone to start with, or doesn’t make enough when she needs to, this could affect implantation and the growth of the baby.

    Thankfully, progesterone is a simple blood test. If you are low in progesterone, there are lots of options for replacing it to help support fertility.

    (and one more extra tip for good measure!)

  4. Process your previous birth stories

    Often women have births that don’t go as planned. This can be very emotional for women. And sometimes women have experienced some physical trauma during the birth process that was hard to heal both physically or emotionally. Processing what happened in your previous birth may be a helpful way to move forward for your next baby.

Fertility after baby

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