3 Surprising Ways To Help Your Hair Loss After Birth

You start noticing the hair loss a few weeks after giving birth. At first, it starts coming out in small amounts and then in large clumps! You start to wonder if this is normal or healthy or if you will start to have big bald spots on your head.

Rest assured, all this hair loss after birth is normal and common. All women experience hair loss after birth. Why? Because during pregnancy the amount of hair you lost decreases which is why so many women feel like their hair is thick and shiny during pregnancy. After delivery normal hair loss will start back up again PLUS the extra hair from pregnancy will also be lost.

Even though all women go through hair loss after giving birth, there are a few things you can do to make the hair loss less extreme and help your hair grow back effectively.

Without further ado, 3 Surprising Ways to Help Your Hair Loss After Birth

  1. Drink nettle infusions daily

    First, what is a nettle infusion? Basically it’s a very strong tea of nettle leaves, steeped for up to 8 hours. Nettle leaf is incredibly dense in vitamins and minerals which are pivotal to healthy hair growth. It may be surprising, but the beginning of healthy hair starts from the inside out which is why nettle is an important treatment. Some people also find using nettle infusion topically to help with hair re-growth as well.

  2. Get thyroid hormones checked

    It’s true that all women experience hair loss after birth, but if you are experiencing way more hair loss than expected and for a longer period of time, you will want to get your thyroid hormones checked. Make sure to get a full thyroid panel of TSH, free T3, free T4 and thyroid antibodies to get the best look at how your thyroid is operating.

  3. Eat protein

    Hair is made up of proteins so you need to be eating a lot of good quality protein to help hair grow! Good protein options for moms include animal proteins like beef and chicken, nuts, and full-fat dairy products.

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