3 Simple Changes To Reduce Postpartum Back Pain

By Angela Potter

Tending to a newborn is a lot of work.  You have enough to be thinking about than worrying about back pain.  Back pain is often caused from doing a movement over and over again that causes strain on the muscles.


Here are 3 simple changes to make in your day-to-day activities to help reduce back pain.


1. Position your changing table at a comfortable height


For many people that means about the same height as a countertop.  You want the changing table to be at a height where you don't have to bend over.


It's easy to want to change the baby on a bed or the couch but bending over like this multiple times puts a lot of strain on your back muscles which contributes to back pain.


2. Use a breastfeeding pillow


When breastfeeding, you want to bring the baby up to the breast.  Because of their thickness, breastfeeding pillows help much more than a pillow from your bed.  Find out more about choosing the right breastfeeding pillow here!


3. Hold your baby in the middle of your chest


Avoid holding your baby exclusively on one hip.  Holding your baby in the middle of your chest will keep the baby's weight distributed so all your muscles do an equal amount of work holding the baby up.