3 Interesting Benefits of Yoni Steaming for Postpartum Prolapse

Steaming is an amazing therapy to help improve postpartum prolapse. But first, let’s talk about what postpartum prolapse actually is. Prolapse is when one of your organs is moving down in the pelvis because the muscles aren’t toned well enough to keep it in it’s place. Most often the uterus and bladder will prolapse but the rectum can prolapse as well.

Many women experience prolapse after giving birth because of all the pressure in the pelvis throughout pregnancy and also during the birth process.

How do you know if you have prolapse? It’s best to get evaluated by your practitioner but what you will feel is a heaviness in your pelvis. You may even feel your bladder or uterus coming out of you (yes it happens, yes it feels completely strange, yes there are treatments!) If you have rectal prolapse, it can feel difficult to poop.

Steaming is a wonderful therapy that’s easy to do at home that helps with steaming. Here are three ways that steaming helps improve prolapse:

  1. The pressure of the steam helps push organs back in to their normal place and position.

    Let’s imagine something first to get a better idea of what this actually means. Imagine you are cooking dinner and you put a pot on the stove for pasta. Once it comes to a boil the lid starts bouncing up and down on the pot. That lid is being lifted up by the power of the steam from the boiling water! Yoni steaming works similarly.

    If you haven’t tried steaming yet, don’t worry, you definitely are not sitting over boiling hot water! Steaming is relaxing, it doesn’t burn. If the steam is too hot, just stand up for a bit to let the steam cool down. But the steam is still working on moving the organs back in to their normal place just like the steam moves the pot lid up and down. The pressure of steam is powerful.

  2. The herbs help

    The herbs used in postpartum yoni steams are specific to help the tissues and organs tone and heal after birth. This helps everything go back to normal place and position after birth.

  3. The steam increases circulation

    The warmth of the steam increases blood flow to the pelvis which in turn, helps get the pelvic muscles more toned and gets the organs back in to normal shape and position.

Benefits of Postpartum yoni steam

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