3 Holistic Ways to Treat Postpartum Thyroiditis

You’ve read about the symptoms of postpartum thyroiditis HERE. You’ve read about what labs to get tested HERE and you’ve gotten those labs ordered with either me or your local practitioner. Now you know that your thyroid hormones are off balance, but you want to know what to do about it. That is our focus today!

Treating postpartum thyroiditis requires a holistic view of the body because the thyroid interacts with so many other organs and systems. Lack of sleep, stress and nutrition all play a part in helping the thyroid become more balanced so we must take a full-body approach to help the thyroid heal.

Here are three holistic considerations to help you heal postpartum thyroiditis.

  1. Reduce stress

    I know what you are thinking right now, “how in the world am I supposed to reduce stress when I’m not sleeping and I am taking care of a newborn?!” Yes, I have two kids under three, I understand! It can be hard to reduce outside stressors that are going in our lives during the postpartum time but what we CAN do is help the body react to stress much better.

    There are a group of herbs called adaptogens and they literally help your body adapt to stress easier so you don’t feel quite so overwhelmed even when your outside stressors haven’t changed. Ashwagandha is the adaptogen that I recommend most often to moms and I get feedback that it works really well. If you want to use other types of adaptogens, reach out to myself or another practitioner well-educated in herbalism because not all herbs are breastfeeding safe.

  2. Balance other hormones

    Yes, it’s true, hormones talk to one another! If hormones from your thyroid are out of whack, then your sex hormones like progesterone and estrogen might be part of the issue. This is particularly true if you are getting close to having your first postpartum period.

    Progesterone and estrogen really love cycling, that’s what they do normally during our menstrual cycle. If you don’t have your period yet, one of the simplest ways to help those hormones more balanced is to help your body cycle throughout the month through seed cycling, it’s an external type of cycling that women’s bodies respond well to.

    Here’s a quick rundown on how to do seed cycling: from the new moon to the full moon eat two tablespoons a day of flax seeds or pumpkin seeds. Then from the full moon to the new moon eat two tablespoons a day of sunflower or sesame seeds. That’s it!

  3. Focus on nourishment

    Dieting and calorie counting should not be a part of a postpartum healing experience. Instead, focus on nourishment and give your body adequate calories and lots of nutrient-dense foods. Restrictive diets cause more stress on your mind and body and more stress is the last thing you need as a new mom! Adding to your stress then puts more pressure on your thyroid and can keep your hormones unbalanced.

Postpartum thyroiditis

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