3 Essentials Every Pregnant Mom Needs For Smooth Postpartum Recovery

Planning for your postpartum healing during pregnancy is one of the best things you can do for your health and wellbeing. Too often I hear from moms how surprised they are at how difficult postpartum healing can be. I felt that exact same way after the birth of my first baby. While I was pregnant with my second baby, I made sure to do A LOT of planning and it made a world of difference. Now I want to help YOU do the best amount of planning so you can avoid common postpartum struggles.

Here are 3 essentials to focus on during your postpartum prep:

  1. A postpartum healing plan

    I hear this over and over again, “postpartum healing is much harder than I ever expected”. I felt the same way after the birth of my first baby. I then created a postpartum healing plan during my second pregnancy and that postpartum healing was really smooth and wonderful. That’s exactly why I am passionate about helping moms like you develop postpartum healing plans.

    You can read more about why you need a healing plan HERE. You’ll find what to include in your plan HERE. Get some tips on how to make your healing plan successful HERE.

  2. Food preparation

    Good nutrition after birth is the foundation of smooth postpartum healing. The first step is to make sure nutritious food options are easily available once baby is here. Many families find food prep one of the hardest things to fit in the schedule with a newborn. The more food you can prepare during pregnancy will help a lot. While you’re pregnant and you’re cooking dinner, make double the amount and freeze half. Soups and stews are easy to make large amounts to freeze. You can also freeze fresh fruits and veggies so they are easy to add to meals.

    Stocking your pantry is also important. Make sure you have lots of beans, rice and other staples in your pantry so you don’t have to go to the grocery store often once baby is here. Also keep a lot of snacks on hand (particularly ones that are easy to eat with one hand!) so you have quick, easy nutrition when you are spending lots of time feeding and rocking baby.

  3. Write down the name of someone you can call day or night

    Preferably this will be another mom who understands what it is you’re going through. Of course our spouses and partners want to help, but going through the birth and postpartum recovery process is difficult. It’s often hard for those who haven’t gone through it to understand. Calling that support person (or people!) that you think of will be so helpful in those moments when you feel lost, exhausted and unsure of what you’re doing.

Postpartum healing and recovery

Hi, I’m Dr. Potter and I help women feel vibrant and healthy during their motherhood journey.

It was after the birth of my first baby when I became passionate about helping other moms. I was blown away by how hard it was to heal after that birth.

Now it’s my passion to help you heal optimally after birth. Want to learn more about making a postpartum plan with me? Head HERE.