3 Compelling Reasons To Have A Postpartum Plan

What is a postpartum plan? It’s a healing plan for yourself laying out resources for how you can heal optimally after birth. In my opinion as a doctor and a mother of two babies, I believe this is just as important as a birth plan.

Here are 3 reasons to have a postpartum plan

  1. You will be exhausted after birth

    You will be waking up multiple times a night and learning how to care for your newborn, plus your own body will be healing. You will be in love with your baby, but it is exhausting. You will have just enough energy to focus on the very important things and often moms find their own health is low on the list. If you have put together a postpartum plan during pregnancy, you will be grateful for how easy it is to care for yourself.

  2. Many moms are surprised at how much harder it is to heal

    This is an understatement for some. During pregnancy, most of the focus is on the birth and many women think they will heal fine or will deal with the healing after giving birth.

    My hope is that you do heal well and easily!

    But most often I hear from women that they are surprised at how hard it is and how much longer it takes to heal. When your mind or your body aren’t feeling well, plus you are taking care of a newborn who requires 100% of your attention, it can be hard to find resources for your own healing. If you’ve put together a postpartum plan during pregnancy, you will have all the tools easily accessible plus you will avoid many common postpartum problems!

  3. You (most likely) won’t have a doctor’s appointment until 6 weeks after giving birth

    This, to me, is crazy. It’s within those first six weeks that a woman needs the most amount of care and attention and when the medical community needs to be supporting the new mom the most.

    It’s during these first six weeks when your body requires the most amount of healing. If women are able to care for themselves in this early time postpartum, they can prevent lots of common postpartum problems like incontinence, prolapse, anxiety and overwhelm. Having a healing plan in place will help you do that efficiently and easily because you’ve gotten all the resources and items in place during pregnancy.

    Do you want a postpartum healing plan that’s been carefully put together by yours truly? You will get my full postpartum healing plan, my postpartum sanctuary plan, mama self-care check list PLUS the herbs and supplements shipped to you for your convenience. Ready for your amazing postpartum healing plan? Just head over HERE to schedule an appointment.


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