3 Tips For Eating Healthy While Caring For A Newborn

By Angela Potter

Your baby is here and your body is recuperating from one of the most significant events it will ever go through. Eating nutritious foods is one of the cornerstones of your birth recovery.


But you're also taking care of a newborn who has many more needs than your own!  Making nutritious foods is much easier said than done.


The number one thing to do is give yourself grace, you are juggling a lot of things right now and nutrition often can't be at the top of your list.  I hope to give you some simple tips and tricks to make it that much easier to keep yourself nourished!


Here are 3 tips and tricks to make eating nutritious food easy while taking care of your baby.


1. Keep snacks around the house

Especially snacks that are easy to fit in your hand and have protein in them.  Try things like trail mix, cups of yogurt, or crackers and cheese.  If you have them around the house, then you can still eat while you are holding the baby while the baby naps or feed.  



2. Make a big dinner when your partner is home so you can have leftovers for lunch

When you do this, keep tortillas or breads handy so when you’re eating lunch (often one-handed with a baby on your breast!), you can wrap food in the tortilla and eat.



3. Make a big breakfast once a week so you don’t have to make it every morning

Having a good breakfast filled with protein (like eggs or nut butters) will help keep your mood and energy elevated. Make a frittata or a breakfast casserole that you can keep in the fridge to eat throughout the week. These are a great, simple way to add in veggies and protein.


Try just one of these tips and see how it helps you! Let me know in the comments below.