3 Tips For Sleeping Soundly With A Young Baby

By Dr. Angela Potter


Waking up multiple times a night is something all parents with newborns go through for at least a little while (or a long while!).  How do you make sure you're getting sound sleep when you do get your zzz's?  


Try these simple 3 tips and see how it improves your sleep.


 1. Make sure the room you sleep in is completely dark

If you don't have dark enough curtains or there is a nightlight on, use an eye mask!  

Sleeping with a light on may seem like something trivial, but light actually affects our hormone levels in a powerful way.  A dark room increases melatonin, our sleep hormone.  


2. Keep your bedroom clean and uncluttered

The bedroom should be reserved only for sleep!  I know you are tired, but this simple thing makes a big difference.  Make sure clothes are picked up, books and baby toys are put away.


3.  Lavender is your best friend

Lavender is a nice relaxing herb that helps people relax and fall asleep.  Put a sprig of lavender under your pillow or on your bedside to get the relaxing benefits.  It's as easy as that!