3 Nourishing and Uplifting Teas For New Moms

By Dr. Angela Potter


You’re a new mom, congratulations! You have this sweet bundle of joy with you. But often it’s not all snuggles, smiles and happiness. The fatigue, mood swings and hormone shifts are very real. In the midst of all the changes going on in your life, try adding in one of these three teas to help do a little something special for yourself.


Low on time and motivation? Make a quart of tea at a time and keep it in the fridge for quick access. Warm up small cups at a time.


Tonifying Tea

Oat Straw


Relaxing Tea

Lemon balm
Lavender flowers


Uplifting Tea

Rose hips



Use approximately 2 tablespoons of herbal mixture to one cup of water. Place herbal mixture in to a cup or container, pour slightly boiling water over and cover. Let steep ten minutes. The tonifying tea can be steeped for a few hours if you’d like!