10 Benefits Of Pelvic Floor Therapy

By Angela Potter

Pelvic floor therapy is a physical therapy technique specific to the pelvis.  This physical therapy is important for any woman who has given birth, regardless of if they had a vaginal birth or c-section birth. 

In other countries, pelvic floor therapy is a normal part of postpartum care that most all women take advantage of!


Here are 10 benefits of pelvic floor therapy


1. Reduction in pelvic pain


2. Resolved urinary incontinence


3. Reduced pain during sex


4. Healing emotional birth trauma 


5. Hormone balance


6. Healing pain from scar tissue


7. Improving prolapse from the uterus or bladder


8. Reduction pain from interstitial cystitis


9. Overall improved healing of the pelvic muscles


10. If you plan to have more baby's, doing pelvic floor therapy after the first birth will help with healing for the next birth.


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